MASTERSHOT FILM FESTIVAL means something more than only an event gathering people from the filming branch. It means also a huge possibility of development for the young adepts of the art of film. Thanks to the participation in the courses led by the most outstanding filmmakers, all the participants will be able to develop their own artistic way and film workshop. They will learn world best standards and take advantage of technologically advanced equipment, which is used in productions made in Hollywood.
We co-operate with our partners engaged in cinematography. We gather filmmakers from the entire world which are going to lead the workshops within the festival in chosen cities.

The list of the education partners will grow along with the festival. See who is on our most up-to-date list.


University of the Arts Poznan (UAP) is a modern university that continues the best traditions of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. UAP is the only art university in Poland that provides education not only in the field of art. Students can also choose engineering and purely theoretical fields of study. Each project implemented in art and design studios is an experiment. All tasks are open and performed with the active participation of professors, assistant professors, assistants and technical staff.


Collegium Da Vinci (former WSNHiD) is the leading college in Greater Poland region which, thanks to active cooperation with business partners, provides with high quality education offer. Film Production faculty guarantees comprehensive preparation to work as a producer of films, TV programs and advertisements. Studies are directed to people who want to improve their skills in the scope of the production organization of film, TV programs and advertisements. The courses are conducted by the professionals from branch within the scope of e.g.: use of filming equipment, planning, costs estimation of film and advertisement production and script writing.


Warsaw Film School was founded in 2004 by Polish film director, producer and screenwriter Maciej Ślesicki and one of the country's most popular actors, Bogusław Linda. The academy is a unique film institution, one of three in the country to grant BA diplomas. Based in the capital of Poland, WFS is at the centre of a film education hub which also includes a film-profiled high school, secondary school, vocational college, arthouse cinema and a production company.


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